Thomas Rast <> writes:

> In this case the matching up is trivial, but you can see that it clearly
> shows the added Signoffs and edited parts of message and patch.
> Have fun, and let me know if it breaks!


I need to do this kind of comparison quite often, when a rerolled
series is received.  Since there is no reason to re_base_ the series
with with an updated one on a different fork-point, I tend to do:

        $ git checkout
        $ git am -s3c ./+tr-topic-2.mbox
        ... inspect the differences between tr/topic and HEAD ...
        $ git branch -f tr/topic

where the first step finds the bottom boundary of the previous
iteration and detaches the HEAD at the commit, the second step
applies the rerolled series and the topic branch is updated in
the final step.

The "inspect the differences" step can be helped if I can use this
tool to say

        $ git tbdiff master..HEAD

It would probably be trivial to extend the command line parser to
also accept

        $ git tbdiff tr/topic...

but that is an icing on the cake.
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