On 13/05/2013 01:22, Junio C Hamano wrote:
Kevin Bracey <ke...@bracey.fi> writes:

    git log --ancestry-path --left-right E...F --not $(git merge-base
--all E F)

which looks like we're having to repeat ourselves because it's not
paying attention...
You are half wrong; "--left-right" is about "do we show the </>/=
marker in the output?", so it is true that it does not make sense
without "...", but the reverse is not true: A...B does not and
should not imply --left-right.

The repetition I meant is that by the definition of ancestry-path, the above would seem to be equivalent to

  git log --ancestry-path --left-right E F --not $(git merge-base --all E F) 
$(git merge-base --all E F)

Anyway, revised separated-out version of the patch follows.


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