Junio C Hamano wrote:
>         git stash store [-m <message>] [-e <error message>] $stash_sha1

1. The message is NOT optional.  If the user says 'git stash store
b8bb3fe9', what "default message" can we possibly put in?  There is
absolutely no context: no branch name, nothing.  So, the best we can
do is "generic WIP".  What is the point of putting in such a useless

2. We have already determined that the command is NOT for end user
interactive use.  So, why do we need a default error message at all?
The last statement is an update-ref, and you can infer whether it
succeeded or failed from the exit status.

3. Why are we designing a command-line interface?  git stash store
"$stash_sha1" "$message" is sufficient for scripts, and there is
absolutely no point in parsing '-m', '-e', or any such thing.
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