Thomas Rast <> writes:

> Below is the coverage-untested-functions output; it seems submodule.c
> is covered, so there is nothing for Jens to do ;-)


Here are some hints to add coverages to the selected functions.

> alloc.c: report
> alloc.c: alloc_report

I believe these are only for debugging.

> archive-tar.c: write_extended_header

Need to create an archive that contains loong pathname (iirc, over
100 bytes) in the test.

> attr.c: git_etc_gitattributes
> builtin#add.c: ignore_removal_cb

"--ignore-removal" option parsing.

> builtin#apply.c: checkout_target

Try "git apply --index" to an empty working tree with a valid index.

> builtin#apply.c: add_name_limit
> builtin#apply.c: option_parse_exclude
> builtin#apply.c: option_parse_include

"git apply --exclude/include".

> builtin#apply.c: option_parse_z

"git apply --stat -z".

> builtin#blame.c: read_ancestry

"git blame -S<file>".

> builtin#blame.c: sanity_check_refcnt

Only used for debugging.

> builtin#blame.c: prepare_initial

"git blame --reverse".

> builtin#blame.c: blame_move_callback

"git blame -M" (option parsing).

> varint.c: decode_varint
> varint.c: encode_varint

"git update-index --index-version 4" and then read from the
resulting index.
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