Since the last series is not merged to master yet, I decided to add more 

Felipe Contreras (10):
  remote-hg: trivial cleanups
  remote-hg: get rid of unused exception checks
  remote-hg: enable track-branches in hg-git mode
  remote-hg: add new get_config_bool() helper
  remote-hg: fix new branch creation
  remote-hg: disable forced push by default
  remote-hg: don't push fake 'master' bookmark
  remote-hg: update bookmarks when pulling
  remote-hg: test: be a little more quiet
  remote-hg: trivial reorganization

 contrib/remote-helpers/git-remote-hg     | 47 ++++++++++++++++----------------
 contrib/remote-helpers/test-hg-hg-git.sh |  3 +-
 contrib/remote-helpers/test-hg.sh        |  4 +--
 3 files changed, 26 insertions(+), 28 deletions(-)


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