Matthieu Moy <> writes:

>> The above two paragraphs do not make a good justification [*1*].
>> The former can just as easily websearch for "enable colours in git"
> I disagree: I do not know anyone who would be really harmed by colors
> ...

I actually am one of them (light cyan or green on white background
with small font is very hard to read for me), but I think you are
missing the entire point, which is not "is anyone harmed?"

This patch is not even about deciding if colored output should be
the default.  That has already been decided by documentation for us
long time ago; the patch does not have to (and should not) argue for
and justify why color is good.  Our recommendation has been "use
color=auto", and change of the in-code default is merely to make the
default in line with that recommendation.

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