Phil Hord <> writes:

> On Thu, May 16, 2013 at 4:50 PM, Thomas Rast <> wrote:
>> This is not really meant for external use, but allows the next commit
>> to neatly distinguish between sub-tests and the main run.
> Maybe we do not care about standards for this library or for your
> use-case, but placing this prefix before the "{ok,not ok}" breaks the
> TAProtocol.
> Maybe you can put the prefix _after_ the "{ok, not ok}" and test number.

Actually that was half on purpose.  You will notice I did not document
that option, as it is intended only to be used to distinguish between
the parallel runs implemented in [6/6].

Those parallel runs look something like

[4] ok 1 - plain
[4] ok 2 - plain nested in bare
[...snip until othes catch up...]
[4] ok 33 - re-init to update git link
[4] ok 34 - re-init to move gitdir
[3] ok 1 - plain
[2] ok 1 - plain
[4] ok 35 - re-init to move gitdir symlink
[4] # still have 2 known breakage(s)
[4] # passed all remaining 33 test(s)
[4] 1..35
[3] ok 2 - plain nested in bare

It's invalid TAP no matter what: there are N plans and the ok/not ok
lines from N runs all intermingled.  So I'd rather not even pretend that
it is valid in any way.

Thomas Rast
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