Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> * tr/test-v-and-v-subtest-only (2013-05-16) 6 commits
>  - test-lib: support running tests under valgrind in parallel
>  - test-lib: allow prefixing a custom string before "ok N" etc.
>  - test-lib: valgrind for only tests matching a pattern
>  - test-lib: verbose mode for only tests matching a pattern
>  - test-lib: refactor $GIT_SKIP_TESTS matching
>  - test-lib: enable MALLOC_* for the actual tests
>  Allows N instances of tests run in parallel, each running 1/N parts
>  of the test suite under Valgrind, to speed things up.
>  The tip one may be useful in practice but is a tad ugly ;-)

I was hoping for some success stories ;-)

I think Peff (who I stupidly managed to not Cc in the series, there's
another git-send-email usability issue there) asked for the third from
the tip, which lets you run valgrind only on a certain test.  (For
example, if you've already had two coffees while your computer found out
which test it was, this is a much faster way of seeing if the failure

So one obvious way of going forward is cooking this for a while and
seeing whether people find the one-test-only or the massively-parallel
feature useful (or maybe both).

[To anyone who just reads this, but did not see the original series, I
should also point out that this only applies within a tNNNN-foo.sh test
file.  You can already parallelize a full valgrind test run much better
than the above.]

Thomas Rast
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