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Sent: Monday, May 20, 2013 11:22 PM
"Philip Oakley" <> writes:

So we can have a branch whose remote is '.'
_and_ a remote whose URL is '.'

Yes, and they are two separate concepts.
Thank you of the confirmation.

"git fetch" while on "mywork" branch with this:

   [branch "mywork"]
       remote = git://
       merge = refs/heads/master

without having any named remote whose remote.$name.url is set to
that URL may happen to work but it is by accident as far as I know.
Interesting. Any thoughts on which way it should be documented/deprecated?

As you do not copy to any remote tracking branches, @{u} would not
work, so it is not something useful.  But on the other hand

   [branch "mywork"]
       remote = .
       merge = refs/heads/master

works _as if_ you have
Thank you of the confirmation.

   [remote "."]
       url = "."
;; no fetch refspec like +refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*
       ;; no push refspec like +refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*

so in that sense, you _could_ think of branch.$name.remote as a
(generic) URL or a name of a (special) remote, but it is easier to
think about it as the latter.

And remote.$name.url = "." for any name, e.g.

   [remote "here"]
       url = "."

is a special case of local repository that is named with a relative
filesystem path.

Can there be a clash with a named remote that is actually '.', where
the push/fetch is actually a no-op?

Nobody sane would do it in the first place, so...

Oh I don't know. I don't think 'sanity' comes into it any more than 'common sense' is common. It's easy to fall into the inverse Kruger-Dunning mode where those in the know don't realise how much they know, and how 'stupid' those that don't can be (that'd be me;-).

All this 'what's a dot-repo and where can I use it' came about because of an answer that give it's use as a 'trick'.

On Sat, May 4, 2013 at 2:51 PM, Jonathan Nieder <>
Another trick is to use "git push":
        git push . $production_sha1:refs/heads/master


Filipe gave 'git fetch .' in [PATCH 1/3] fetch: add --allow-local option, 16 May 2013

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