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     ASHISH VERMA <ashunew1...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,  i am using git to push my code from eclipse to heroku , but
> recently iam  getting error like::
> master:master rejected:non fast forward
> and i am not able to resolve it .I tried a git pull but that says -
> conflicts shud be resolved before git pull can be implemented.I can;t
> find the solution Please help ASAP...

Resolve the conflicts by either hand-editing the files (you'll see the
markers where the conflicts are) add running 'git add' to tell git that
you're done resolving them, or set up Git to use a graphical tool like
kdiff3. When you're done, run 'git commit' to create the merge commit.
After that you'll be able to push to your upstream (unless things have
moved again while you were resolving the initial conflict).

This guide to merge conflicts looks pretty good:

Magnus Bäck
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