Junio C Hamano wrote:
> More importantly, doesn't "real_ref" have the name of the branch?
> Suppose the user said "git show @{10000}" instead of "git show
> master@{10000}" while on 'master'.

My stupidity, sorry.

> It could be argued that it may look nicer to say "your current
> branch does not have enough update history" instead of saying
> "master does not..." (i.e. different input to ask for the same
> thing, different output depending on the way the user asked).  It
> also could be argued that they should produce the same diagnosis
> that is more informative.

Yeah, I wanted to discuss this: the problem is that even something as
low-level as rev-list will print this "pretty" error.  It's certainly
useful for porcelain.  How do we achieve this?  An extra
"is-porcelain" argument?
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