On 2013-05-21 00.52, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Thanks, will replace da/darwin with this round.
(May be late response, not sure if this is the right email thread.
I eventually managed to compile under 10.6, what we have on pu)

One minor nit, or 2:
imap-send.c: In function ‘cram’:
imap-send.c:913: warning: statement with no effect

This fixes it:

diff --git a/imap-send.c b/imap-send.c
index 8ea180f..11577c9 100644
--- a/imap-send.c
+++ b/imap-send.c
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ typedef void *SSL;
#define HMAC_Init(hmac, key, len, algo) CCHmacInit(hmac, algo, key, len)
#define HMAC_Update CCHmacUpdate
#define HMAC_Final(hmac, hash, ptr) CCHmacFinal(hmac, hash)
-#define HMAC_CTX_cleanup
+#define HMAC_CTX_cleanup(c)
#define EVP_md5() kCCHmacAlgMD5
#include <openssl/evp.h>

(And I think there are more minor nits:
#define HMAC_Final(hmac, hash, ptr) CCHmacFinal(hmac, hash)
could be written as
#define HMAC_Final(hmac, hash, ptr) CCHmacFinal((hmac), (hash))
(Use paranthese around each parameter)
Similar change for HMAC_Init()


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