> Your code is broken. IOUtils is probably corrupting what you get back.
> After inflating the stream you should see the object type ("commit"),
> space, its length in bytes as a base 10 string, and then a NUL ('\0').
> Following that is the tree line, and parent(s) if any. I wonder if
> IOUtils discarded the remainder of the line after the NUL and did not
> consider the tree line.

Maybe you're right, Shawn. I've also tried the following code:

File dotGit = new File("objects/25/0f67ef017fcb97b5371a302526872cfcadad21");
InflaterInputStream inflaterInputStream = new InflaterInputStream(new
ByteArrayOutputStream os = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
IOUtils.copyLarge(inflaterInputStream, os);
System.out.println(new String(os.toByteArray()));

But we got the same result, I'll try to read the bytes by myself
(without apache IOUtils). Is the contents of a unpacked object utf-8
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