On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 6:32 AM, Matt McClure <matthewlmccl...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Is there a way to push/pull reflogs among different repositories?

Not that I am aware of, at least not in core git.

> In my original scenario:
> 1. the commits are created on a developer machine
> 2. pushed to a central origin repository running Gitweb
> 3. the branch is rebased on the developer machine
> 4. the branch is push --force'd to the origin
> Later, git push tells me:
>     warning: There are too many unreachable loose objects; run 'git
> prune' to remove them.

You don't need to share reflogs in this case. Assuming the server were
to keep logs of its own, the forced update would create a new reflog
entry showing something like "<old-sha> <new-shaw> <date info> Forced
push", so the pre-rebase version would still be reachable from the
reflogs, keeping it around.

> or I want to delete old topic branch HEADs to improve performance.
> But I never want to let Git delete the underlying commit objects since
> there could be Gitweb links pointing at them.

The reflog thing won't help you in this case, since reflogs are
deleted when their branches are deleted. it sounds like you never want
to delete anything, so it would make more sense to just disable
garbage collection entirely.

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