Theodore Ts'o <> writes:

> I was actually thinking that it might be interesting to have a
> branch.<branch>.rewindable, which would change the guilt defaults, and
> could also key changes in key git behavior which makes it less likely
> that a user shoots him or herself in the foot --- i.e., give warnings
> if he or she has modified the branch in such a way that
> remotes.origin.<branch> is no longer contained within the branch head.

At least "rebase" can pay attention to it and might make the world a
better place.

Your final "git push" needs to be forced if you rewound beyond
remotes.origin.<branch> so in that sense, there already is a sefety,
but it is better to give the user a chance to notice that before the
user spends more time to polish the rewound topic to perfection,
only to see the push rejected.

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