Andreas Krey <> writes:

> A short trial showed that representing first parent chains as
> straight lines in the graph does actually improve understandability,
> as feature branches clearly stand out as separate lines even when
> they no longer carry a branch name.

If you have a four-commit segment in your commit ancestry graph
(time flows from left to right; turn your head 90-degrees to the
right if you want a gitk representation):


where X and Y are both merges between A and B, having A as their
first parent, how would you express such a graph with first-parent
chain going a straight line?

> Also, there is an implication with 'git pull': You'd expect the
> master branch to be a first parent line, but when I do a small
> thing directly on master and need to pull before pushing back,
> then origin/master is merged into my branch, and thus my side
> branch becomes the first parent line.

Don't do that, then.
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