Antoine Pelisse <> writes:

   On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 10:45 AM, Ramkumar Ramachandra
   <> wrote:
   > Alessandro Di Marco wrote:
   >> this is a hack I made a couple of years ago in order to store my current
   >> location in git commits (I travel a lot and being able to associate a
   >> place with the commit date helps me to quickly recover what were doing
   >> at that time). Long story short, the screeenshot at
   >> shows the new gitk interface once this
   >> patch has been integrated. Geolocation is controlled by two envvars
   >> GIT_AUTHOR_PLACE and COMMITTER_PLACE, respectively. You can set them via
   >> something like this:
   > Obviously very interesting.  Now, how do we mainline (parts of) this
   > feature?  I'll raise some questions here:

   I think it could be nice to provide a simple shell script to build the
   location, callable from a post-commit hook, to construct a
   "geolocation" note. Gitk could be programmed to read the notes to get
   the location, but once again, I'm not sure it should be mainlined.

Well, I don't see how the file can be kept synchronized with the tree,
but in case it would be also suitable for the author/committer name,
email and date :-)

Seriously, this is just a hack; the other nice thing coming out from
this patch is what I called the Project's Patch Graph (or PPG), ie. a
DAG starting from the project founder location and spreading all over
the world (depending on the project of course!) IMHO it's an interesting
snapshot of how the project is evolving.
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