Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

>> +    my $sanitized_sender = sanitize_address($sender);
>> +    if (defined $author and $author ne $sanitized_sender) {
>>              $message = "From: $author\n\n$message";
>>              if (defined $author_encoding) {
>>                      if ($has_content_type) {
> ...
> Also, isn't the $sender the same during the whole outer loop that
> iterates over @files?  Do we need to apply sanitize_address() on it
> over and over for each and every logical line in the @header?

Ahh, I think $sender is constant, but this is not for each @header
line, but done per @file, so it is a much lessor offence than what I
originally thought.  The other one does do that inside the loop but
if we have a single copy of $sanitized_sender at the very beginning
that will become a non-issue.

> This comment also applies to the other patch but they probably
> should become a single patch anyway, I guess?
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