Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

>>>> Unless your primary user base is those who use Git as a deployment
>>>> tool to always follow along the tip of some external repository
>>>> without doing anything on your own on the branch you run your "git
>>>> pull" on, defaulting it to --ff-only does not make much sense to me.
>>> A lot of people do stuff, but the rebase it.
>> If I am parsing the above properly, I think that is only saying that
>> "pull --rebase" makes sense for people who do real work, which I am
>> not disagreeing.
> You claimed that 'git pull' (--ff-only) only makes sense if the
> primary user-base doesn't do any work on it, but that's not true; they
> can do a 'git rebase' after such pull (or a merge).

Either you misread what I wrote or I was unclear.  I really meant
"anything on your own *ON* THE BRANCH YOU RUN your "git pull" on".

        git checkout frotz ; git pull --ff-only

you do not do anything "on frotz" other than following along.  You
can of course commit, rebase and all others on other branches like
xyzzy and push them out directly.  But you cannot even do this once

        git checkout frotz; git merge xyzzy

if you expect the next "git checkout frotz; git pull --ff-only" will
keep working usefuly.

> We don't have to assume our primary user-base wants to do full fledged
> merges, in fact, such assumption would be wrong.

I think we are in agreement on that point already.

An assumption that people who do merges are somehow more well versed
in Git and are more capable than others to configure their
repository or they will not be annoyed if you asked them a single
configuration change is also wrong, though.

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