On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 11:06:12AM +0100, John Keeping wrote:
> I don't see anything wrong with having a template file documenting the
> parameters, but I think it's important that there are sensible defaults
> in place when the user's configuration file does not specify a value for
> a parameter.  It wasn't clear to me from your definition that there were
> defaults to be overridden by the user's configuration file, as opposed
> to forcing the user to define certain values and causing an error if
> those are not defined.

That's the case in plenty of situations - when specifying usernames and
passwords and server hostnames, paths to cross-compiling environments
that pretty much everyone has at a different place, and so on.

                                Petr "Pasky" Baudis
        For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear,
        simple, and wrong.  -- H. L. Mencken
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