On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 11:15 PM, Ramkumar Ramachandra
<artag...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Duy Nguyen wrote:
>> On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 10:12 PM, Ramkumar Ramachandra
>> <artag...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Try this now: configure your current branch's pushremote to push to
>>> "refs/heads/*:refs/heads/rr/*".  Now, type 'git show @{p}'.  Voila!
>> Voila what? Why not avoid guessing game and describe what the patch is for?
> If you're on branch master, it'll output refs/heads/rr/master.  The
> topic is about having a @{push} corresponding to @{upstream}

Then "show @{p}" should show the tip commit of rr/master, not the ref
name. rev-parse (with an option, maybe) may be a better place for

>>> +       dst_name = get_ref_match(remote->push, remote->push_refspec_nr,
>>> +                               this_ref, MATCH_REFS_ALL, 0, &pat);
>>> +       printf("dst_name = %s\n", dst_name);
>>> +}
>>> +
>> Isn't this an abuse of extended sha-1 syntax? How can I combine this
>> with other @{}, ^, ~...?
> I'm unsure what you mean.  How can I be on branch master^1?  Did you
> read the cover-letter?

I did not expect @{p} to printf(). If it's part of get_sha1(), how can
it return an sha-1? And the cover letter said "7/7 is the meat". Not
very informative.
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