Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> What is this meant to update?  I recall rewriting this part on
>> purpose.
> I was being verbose to show that I handle the detached HEAD case too,
> which I missed last time.
>> Even though it appears unusual and invites confusion, it is very
>> consistent to say '' when the user asks for @... as we say 'master'
>> when the user asks for master@...; "inconsistent" is a very bad
>> label for it.
> The inconsistency refers to these two:
>>>   # on branch master
>>>   $ git show @{10000}
>>>   fatal: Log for '' only has 7 entries.
>>>   # detached HEAD case
>>>   $ git show @{10000}
>>>   fatal: Log for '' only has 2005 entries.
> Is the commit message unclear?

Very unclear.  You said

    The empty string '' is ugly, inconsistent, and fails to convey

I was reacting to "inconsistent" by pointing out that showing an
empty string is very consistent.

I was _not_ saying that "'' must be kept because it is consistent",
of course; that is a consistency that is not useful.  Which means
inconsistency that does not exist is a reason to rewrite it, nor the
rewrite is to gain consistency.  It is to make the result more useful.

That is why I rewrote it like so:

    The empty string '' is confusing and does not convey information
    about whose logs we are inspecting.  Change this so that...

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