Jonathan's patch would indeed be nice. In cgit, we are forced to do
ugly things like this:

        /* Do not look in /etc/ for gitconfig and gitattributes. */
        setenv("GIT_CONFIG_NOSYSTEM", "1", 1);
        setenv("GIT_ATTR_NOSYSTEM", "1", 1);

        /* We unset HOME and XDG_CONFIG_HOME before calling the git
setup function
         * so that we don't make unneccessary filesystem accesses. */
        user_home = getenv("HOME");
        xdg_home = getenv("XDG_CONFIG_HOME");

        /* Setup the git directory and initialize the notes system.
Both of these
         * load local configuration from the git repository, so we do
them both while
         * the HOME variables are unset. */

        /* We restore the unset variables afterward. */
        if (user_home)
                setenv("HOME", user_home, 1);
        if (xdg_home)
                setenv("XDG_CONFIG_HOME", xdg_home, 1);

A big nasty guard around the git setup function, so that we don't error out.
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