On 5/27/13, Matthieu Moy <matthieu....@grenoble-inp.fr> wrote:
> Zenaan Harkness <z...@freedbms.net> writes:
>>    rm -rf $repo
> The user would appreciate if you check that there are no uncommited
> changes and no untracked files (at least no untracked and not ignored
> files) before running this.
> Also, it's "$repo", not just $repo, or you'll get surprising behavior if
> $repo contain spaces.
> The safe way would actually be stg like:
>   rm -fr -- "$repo"


In my later email, I changed it to mv - should have highlighted there
was a change. I got bitten, on a small repo thankfully, where a perms
or ownership problem caused the whole repo to disappear. So mv it is

BTW, I've subscribed for a little while now...

Thanks again
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