On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 11:46:24PM +0800, Xidorn Quan wrote:

> > We may also eventually want IMAP for git-imap-send, but we have not yet
> > implemented credential-helper support there. We may also want http/socks
> > proxy authentication, but we also have not implemented the git side of
> > that yet. So I think both of those can wait for now.
> Hope the helpers will be implemented soon. IMO, we can add IMAP and
> SOCKS for now since the protocol names are clear, while it is unclear
> what protocol name will be used for HTTP/HTTPS proxy. I guess that
> some may prefer using http/https as protocol name instead of something
> specific. What do you think?

Yes, I think git will need to munge the protocol to indicate to the
helper that it is a proxy (or alternatively, add a new key "proxy=1" or
something). So it would make sense to wait until the git side of the
code materializes so that the helpers knows what to expect.

There was some work done in this area last May, but there are a lot of
corner cases with knowing exactly what the proxy URL is (because in some
cases, curl pulls it from the environment without git's knowledge).
There was a patch series under consideration for libcurl that would let
us supply an "authentication callback" to curl that would be called when
credentials were needed. But I have not kept track of the state of that
patch and whether it ever got merged upstream into libcurl.

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