I use a fairly complex `git-log` command involving `--date-order` to
get an overview of my repository's status; but unfortunately,
`--date-order` seems to use the *committer* date, not the *author*
date. That means that each time I bring my topic branches up to date
by rebasing them onto the current upstream, I lose the helpful
chronological ordering in my `git-log` of relative commits in my topic
branches (that is, each branch becomes a single long line, because all
of its commits got rebased to sequential and nearly-identical
committer timestamps.)

After a bit of activity on [a Stack Overflow question][1], I've
realized that this is basically impossible without 1. dumping `git
log`'s `--graph` feature *entirely*, and writing a very complex custom
system to order and re-graph commits, or 2. getting `git log`
**itself** patched to support an `--author-order` flag or something.

(I've never posted here before, forgive me if this is the wrong way to
go about this … the #git channel on Freenode pointed me here. :)

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