Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

> +    wanted = get_config('remote-bzr.branches').rstrip().split(', ')

Two minor nits and one design suggestion:

 - Why rstrip() not strip()?  It appears that this only is helping
   an end-user "mistake" like this:

        git config remote-bzr.branches 'trunk, devel, test '

   without helping people who have done this:

        git config remote-bzr.branches 'trunk,  devel, test'

 - Is

     git config remote-bzr.branches trunk,devel,test

   a grave sin?

   In other words, wouldn't we want something like this instead?

        map(lambda s: s.strip(), get_config('...').split(','))

 - Doesn't allowing multi-valued variable, e.g.

            branches = trunk
            branches = devel
            branches = test

   make it easier for the user to manage this configuration by
   e.g. selectively removing or adding tracked branches?
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