Misty De Meo <misty <at> brew.sh> writes:

> Hi,
> Gitignore parsing no longer seems to work properly in git 1.8.3.
> One of my repositories has the following gitignore:
> /*
> !/.gitignore
> !/Library/
> !/README.md
> !/bin
> /bin/*
> !/bin/brew
> !/share/man/man1/brew.1
> .DS_Store
> /Library/LinkedKegs
> /Library/PinnedKegs
> /Library/Taps
> /Library/Formula/.gitignore
> In and earlier, this works as expected. However, in 1.8.3 I'm
> seeing every file in /bin/ being marked as an untracked file.
> I asked about this in #git, and was told that the culprit was the
> regex support; apparently recompiling without regex support fixes the
> specific gitignore issue. However, this doesn't seem to have been
> reported anywhere on the mailing list that I can see. I was also told
> that the issue is OS X-specific, and doesn't happen on other
> platforms.
> Thanks,
> Misty De Meo

I see a similar problem using e.g. the following .gitignore to exclude
everything except C source files and header files:


In Git 1.8.3 'git status' will show other files as untracked while in
Git I don't have that problem. I bisected to find that the
offending commit is v1.8.2.1-402-g95c6f27. 

I am not on OSX, however, but on Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 and RHEL 5.8) so
this may be a separate issue. I've also gotten the impression that this
is intentional. In any case I cannot create a .gitignore that achieves
the same for both older and newer versions of Git.

Best regards,
Øystein Walle

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