Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu> writes:


I read the entire series on Monday, and give it an Ack at maybe 90%
confidence level -- sorry, I was short on caffeine and sleep ;-)

I meant to verify this assertion:

> I did a manual audit of the 50 (!) functions that are used as an
> each_ref_fn callback to the for_each_ref()-style functions.  (I hope I
> haven't missed any.)  I checked that they do not make the assumption
> that the lifetimes of the refname and sha1 arguments extend past the
> duration of the callback invocation.  There were a number of callers
> that got this wrong; I believe I have fixed them all.

But time ran out, and I wouldn't want you to hold your breath.  The
series is a big improvement even if another caller slipped through the

Thomas Rast
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