Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> That's detectable and could be made to error out, so it's not too bad.

Sure it's possible, but I'm arguing about whether it's worth the
effort.  There can be loops like a -> b -> c -> d -> e -> a.  Given
that nobody has even bothered to get git to print an error message
when a builtin command is overridden, do you think anyone will be
interested in this?

> A bigger problem (in my opinion) with allowing arbitrary changes to
> the meaning of existing commands is that scripts, whether placed in
> .sh files or given as commands to run over IRC, stop working
> altogether.  It's nice to have commands like "git log" and "git am"
> mean the same thing no matter what machine I am on.

Yeah, I agree with this to a large extent.  It's nice to have a
minimal set of unambiguous commands for the purposes of communicating,
and I'm quite happy with the present state of things.
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