Alex Bennée wrote:
> And through my "special" repo:
>  41.58%   git  [.] sha1_block_data_order_ssse3
>  33.62%   git     [.] inflate_fast
>  10.39%   git     [.] adler32
>   2.03%   git  [kernel.kallsyms]   [k] clear_page_c
>  I'm not sure why libcrypto features so highly in the results

While Duy churns on the delta chain, let me try to make a (rather
crude) observation:

What does it mean for libcrypto to be so high in your perf report?
sha1_block_data_order is ultimately by object.c:parse_object.  While
it indicates that deltas are taking a long time to apply (or are
somehow not optimally organized for IO), I think it indicates either:

1. Your history is very deep and there are an unusually high number of
deltas for each blob.  What are the total number of commits?

2. You have have huge (binary) files checked into your repository.  Do
you?  If so, why isn't the code in streaming.c kicking in?
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