Matthieu Moy wrote:
> Michael Campbell <> writes:
>> I have my global git config pager set to 'cat', but when I do a "git
>> help <command>", it still uses a pager.  This is especially irksome in
>> emacs shell buffers, where I am most of the time.  I know I can do a
>> M-x man -> git-<whatever>, but wondered if this was a bug or user
>> error.  ("git --no-pager help <command>" does the same.)
> "git help foo" just calls "man git-foo" by default, so what happens is
> the same as if you called "man git-foo" by hand. Git does not have
> much control over what man will do, it could probably call "man -P
> $pager" when the Git pager is set, but I'd find it a bit weird.

It just needs to set $PAGER or $MANPAGER before the exec(), no?  I
would argue that it should do this.  $GIT_PAGER works everywhere else,
but obviously man has no knowledge about it.

> If you're an Emacs user, you can read about man.viewer and set it to
> woman, or set PAGER=cat when inside Emacs.

I just learnt about man.viewer.  There's a small problem with it
though: why is there no option for Emacs man corresponding to Emacs

> I personally run M-x git-foo RET, and never run "git help".

M-x man git-foo RET, you mean?  My style is slightly different: I love
typing out 'man git log' on the terminal (dashless); I get it to open
in an Emacs buffer using this hack:

function man_ () {
        emacsclient -e "(man \"$*\")" 2>&1 >/dev/null || man "$*"

alias man=man_
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