Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> Why do a poor-man's version of --pickaxe-all here, when the last
>> paragraph already does justice to this?
> The point of the first paragraph is to serve to help both:

My question pertains to whether or not the explanation of
--pickaxe-all can wait till the last paragraph.  You want to
explain all the options in the first paragraph, but not

>> While what you're saying is technically true, I think it is important
>> to explain the interaction between diffcore-pickaxe and
>> diffcore-rename as I have done.  Someone who wants to understand what
>> `git log -S` does will come to this page and read this section:
>> without reading diffcore-rename, she will have an incomplete picture;
>> what's the harm in explaining diffcore-rename in the context of
>> diffcore-pickaxe?
> This document is the most accurate _technical_ documentation of how
> the pipeline works (and it is not in section 1 of the manual set).
> If you want to improve end-user documentation by adding explanation
> for interactions between pipeline stages and also pathspec, I am all
> for it, but I think that belongs to the larger "git help diff", not
> "git help diffcore".

It's impossible to explain in the diff-options, because I do not have
even have access to the word "filepair", and no diffcore-rename
machinery to point to.  I could attempt a vague approximation, but I
do not think it's worth it.  I'll remove it if you insist.
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