Felipe Contreras <felipe.contre...@gmail.com> writes:

>> I think just "Skip commits that are or become empty" without saying
>> "Instead of failing," is fine, too.
> I think "Instead of failing" makes perfect sense, because it's not our
> job to describe what other options do,...
> ...
> simply explain what this option
> do.

Which means "Skip commits" and nothing else.  Saying "Instead of
failing" explains what would happen if you ran the command without
any option, which is entirely irrelevant, just like the case when
you ran the command without an unrelated option --allow-empty.

We share the same "the --skip-empty option does not have anything to
do with the --allow-empty option, and we do not have to say anything
about what happens when the command is run with that unrelated

But we are viewing it from a different angle.
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