elliottcable <m...@ell.io> writes:

> This is my first time submitting a patch to this list, so please, let me know 
> if
> I'm doing any of this the wrong way! I've striven to follow
> `Documentation/SubmittingPatches`. I hope I've succeeded. For that matter, 
> it's
> my first time diving into git's sources, so I obviously would love some
> commentary on the patch itself, as well. ;)
> I've tried herein to add an `--authorship-order` flag to complement git-log's
> `--topo-order` and `--date-order` flags; it should operate the same as
> `--date-order`, but using the `AUTHOR_DATE` instead of the `COMMITTER_DATE`.

After reading the subject alone, my reaction was "is this sorting
commits by the name of the author"?

That is one of the expected natural reactions when people hear about
this option, which is not what you want.

Perhaps naming it --authordate-order (or enhance the command line
parsing to allow --date-order=author|committer) would give us a
better UI.

(the above comment is before reading any of the code in the patch).

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