On Wed, Jun 05, 2013 at 01:19:18PM +0200, Ian Kumlien wrote:

> > Older versions of git silently ignored errors reading config files, but
> > it was tightened in v1.8.1.1, as there can be quite serious implications
> > to failing to read expected config (e.g., imagine transfer.fsckobjects,
> > or receive.deny* is ignored).
> Yes, i agree, it's suboptimal but I for one would use getpwuid to get
> the home directory of the executing user to avoid this - though i don't
> know how portable it is (or if there is any other issues)

We considered having git-daemon's "--user" option do that, but:

  1. It would be a regression for people who are intentionally setting
     HOME to get different config profiles. And it would be a surprise
     to admins, as other user-switching daemons (e.g., inetd) do not
     tweak HOME.

  2. It would not have covered all cases, including yours. xinetd is the
     one doing the user-switching here.

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