I'm having issues with a Git hosting in a chroot (based on fusion
forge). The problem is that receive-pack triggers a "git gc --auto",
which itself triggers a "git repack", which is a shell-script.

The shell script needs basic commands [1], which are not available within the

Is there a clean solution to this problem?

I guess the right solution is "send a patch that ports git-repack.sh to
C" (I thought we already had the server-side in C only, but just
discovered it isn't the case), but I wont have time for that (not soon
at least).


[1] uname, used in git-sh-setup, and then /bin/rm /usr/bin/find /bin/sed
/usr/bin/tr /bin/mkdir /bin/chmod and /bin/mv according to strace.

Matthieu Moy
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