Pat Thoyts <> writes:

> Seems fine to me. I can't test this as I have no access to this
> platform. Possibly you should run this in a catch statement so it can
> ignore any errors and I would tend to use the 'auto_execok' command to
> ensure that osascript actually exists. Something like
>   set arg [format {tell application......}]
>   catch {exec {*}[auto_execok osascript] -e $arg [pid]}
> but possibly this is guaranteed to exist on all macs which would make
> the above redundant. What I'm thinking is you dont want the app to
> exit just because something goes wrong in this call.

Sounds like a sensible concern; gitk in v1.8.3 has it without catch
so we may see failure reports from OSX users soonish, in which case
both this patch and gitk need to be updated for it.

Stefan (as your name appears in 76bf6ff93e, I am assuming that you
were the OSX-osascript guru in that commit) could you keep an eye on
the list traffic to see if users of latest gitk have issues with
that change, please?

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