Le 06/06/2013 23:26, Sarma Tangirala a écrit :
> Hello All,
> If I did 'git diff HEAD^..HEAD -- file' should git not report some
> kind of warning if it could not match the file? For example, if 'file'
> were infact 'dir/file' and 'file' were unique, would it not be a good
> idea to report that in the present working directory 'file' were not
> found but 'dir/file' were a match?

I don't know any program doing such a thing, and I don't think it is the
role of the program to predict which file the user actually wanted to
provide in the command line.
That would imply looking for files with the same name or a close name in
the current directory and its subdirectories - and maybe even in the
superdirectory? It is hard to decide when you have to stop looking for
the file.

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