Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> If you want to do this in a multi-step series (which may not be a
> bad idea), I would imagine that the enum starts as a choice between
> the two: traversal-order vs committer-date-order.  The first patch
> would change nothing else.
> And then you would add the third choice, author-date-order, and
> implement the logic to sort them using author instead of committer
> date in the same patch.
> ...
> You would parse all of them at the beginning of topo-sort function
> once and store these dates in the commit-info-slab (alongside with
> indegree).  Once you are done sorting, you can discard the slab.
> This could be done as a follow-up patch, but the tons of helper
> functions you added to compare by author date to revision.c will
> have to be removed in such a transition, because the whole point of
> using commit-info-slab is not to have commit->author_date field,
> which these new helpers work on.

As I needed to have an excuse to push jk/commit-info-slab topic
further (I have an unpublished show-branch rewrite on top of it),
I may take a look at doing this myself if/when I find some time.
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