Eric Sunshine <> writes:

>> -                       if (my ($child, $parents) = $line =~ 
>> m/^-?([a-f0-9]+) ([a-f0-9 ]+)/) {
>> -                               foreach my $parent (split(' ', $parents)) {
>> +                       if (my ($child, $parents) = $line =~ /^-?([a-f0-9]+) 
>> ([a-f0-9 ]+)/) {
>> +                               foreach my $parent (split(/ /, $parents)) {
> This is a behavior-altering change. split(' ',...) is handled as a
> special case[*1*] which strips leading whitespace and then splits on
> /\s+/ (run of whitespace). Changing it to split(/ /,...) makes it
> match only a single space (rather than a run of whitespace).

I initially had the same reaction, but this is reading the output of
the "rev-list --parents" command, whose fields are separated by one
SP each, so there is indeed no behaviour change.
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