Hi all,

Problem (scenario):

1. A file `file.xyz` has been added and commited
2. Some time after, let's say `*.xyz` is added to `.gitignore`
(probably by another contributor)
    Nobody notices that `file.xyz` is already tracked by git because
the file is not modified.
3. Another person accidentally changes `file.xyz` (may be it some
local config etc.), but no problem it is ignored anyway,... wait, why
does it shows up in `git status` as modified? Maybe it is not in
.gitignore? ... no it is... you get the point.

The suggestion is that when the .gitignore is updated, some kind of
`git ls-files --others -i --exclude-standard` is rerun and if there
are tracked files that are ignored due to the last update to
.gitignore an appropriate warning is shown.
This will eliminate the described surprise factor.


Daniel Krikun
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