Am 08.06.2013 08:51, schrieb Torsten Bögershausen:
> Filesystems like VFAT or NTFS allow to create files regardless of
> the write permissions of the directory.
> Therefore "mktemp to unwritable directory" in t0700 will always fail on
> Windows using NTFS.
> This TC has been disabled for MINGW, and needs to be disabled for CYGWIN.
> Use the precondition CANNOTWRITE which is probing the file system and
> works for MINGW, CYGWIN and even for Linux using VFAT.

Shouldn't it be a matter of

-test_expect_success POSIXPERM 'mktemp to unwritable directory prints filename' 
+test_expect_success SANITY 'mktemp to unwritable directory prints filename' '

It probably wouldn't catch Linux VFAT, but there're already a lot of
tests that don't pass on Linux VFAT.

-- Hannes

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