Sudhir Kumar <smalikphy <at>> writes:

> Hey Git Experts,
> I need your advice. I have lot of png/jpg images in my codebase (which
> is currently under git) which causes the repo size to be very heavy.
> We have migrated these images to a storage server using git exile
> technique. This has been working fine so far (with some glitches) on
> unix platform. However to make it work on windows has been a big pain.
> I got it work to some extent that I can pull stuff from storage and
> replace the references here but its not complete. Also it made the
> other commands like git status to be very slow. Does anybody have done
> this before? If so can you please share your experience on it?

Hmmm... I wonder if alternatives to git-exile, i.e. git-annex and
git-media (perhaps also other tools; the list on Git Wiki is woefully
incomplete and not up to date) would perform better...

Jakub Narębski

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