Felipe Contreras wrote:
> Yes you do. The rest of the tests expect that the previous rebase has
> been aborted.
> In fact, all the tests depend on the previous test finishing
> correctly, which is not the way tests should be written.

How else am I supposed to write them?  If there is a stale state from
the previous test, there isn't too much I can do.  Or should I be
cleaning up state at the beginning of each test, instead of at the

> Doing 'rm -rf $dotest' is even worst than 'git rebase --abort',
> because it relies on the implementation of 'git rebase', which might
> need to remove more files than $dotest.

Huh?  Tests aren't allowed to rely on how a command is implemented?

  $ git grep test_path t

Ofcourse they're implementation details.  Even in this very test, I
check $dotest/autostash plenty of times.

Have you read rr/rebase-autostash?  The whole idea is to inject
$dotest/autostash and teach various scripts about how their
assumptions about $dotest have changed.

> This wouldn't be a problem if the tests were implemented correctly,
> but they are not, so 'git rebase --abort' is the only sane option.

Then show me how to do it correctly.
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