Duy Nguyen wrote:

> libgit.a is just a way of grouping a bunch of objects together, not a
> real library and not meant to be. If you aim something more organized,
> please show at least a roadmap what to move where.

Exactly.  There are some rough plans I would like to help with in the
direction of a more organized source tree (so "ls" output can be less
intimidating --- see Nico Pitre's mail on this a while ago for more
hints), but randomly moving files one at a time to builtin/ destroys
consistency and just makes things *worse*.  So if you'd like to work
on this, you'll need to start with a description of the endpoint, to
help people work with you to ensure it is something consistent and

Actually, Felipe, I doubt that would work well.  This project requires
understanding how a variety of people use the git source code, which
requires listening carefully to them and not alienating them so you
can find out what they need.  Someone good at moderating a discussion
could do that on-list, but based on my experience of how threads with
you go, a better strategy might be to cultivate a wiki page somewhere
with a plan and give it some time (a month, maybe) to collect input.

NAK to changing the meaning of builtin/ to "built-in commands, plus
sequencer", which seriously hurts consistency.

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