On Sat, Jun 08, 2013 at 03:01:03PM +0200, Célestin Perdu wrote:

> Oh yes, part of this commit went into the previous one, which was not
> formated as an email when I did my git-format-patch. I should check my
> patches more carefully before sending them. Sorry for this.

No problem. It is easy to make simple mistakes like that with our
workflow, but it is also easy to fix them and repost. :)

> > What advantage does this have over "use constant"? I do not mind
> > following guidelines from perlcritic if they are a matter of style, but
> > in this case there is a cost: we now depend on the "Readonly" module,
> > which is not part of the standard distribution. I.e., users now have to
> > deal with installing an extra dependency. Is it worth it?
> Like Benoit said, the problem is that they sometimes don't interpolate.
> I don't know if we should keep this commit or not.

Thanks both for the explanation.  I don't see us using that to our
advantage anywhere in the patch. So I think this is purely a style
issue, which to me indicates that the extra dependency is not worth it,
and the patch should be dropped.

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