Le 08/06/2013 20:38, Matthieu Moy a écrit :> This is right, but the code
actually worked the way it was. I'm not
> sure, but my understanding is that '\n' is the string "backslash
> followed by n", but interpreted as a regexp, it is a newline.
> The new code looks better than the old one, but the log message may be
> improved.

Is this better?

In Perl, '\n' is not a newline, but instead the string composed of a
backslash followed by an "n". To match newlines, one has to use the /\n/
regexp. As the output of "rev-list --first-parent" is line-oriented,
what we want here is to match newlines, and not the "\n" string.

Célestin Matte
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