SZEDER Gábor wrote:

> Fedore 9 shipped the gvfs package with a buggy Bash completion script:
> it removed the ':' character from COMP_WORDBREAKS, thereby breaking
> certain features of git's completion script.  We worked this around in
> db8a9ff0 (bash completion: Resolve git show ref:path<tab> losing ref:
> portion, 2008-07-15).
> The bug was fixed in Fedora 10 and Fedora 9 reached its EOL on
> 2009-07-10, almost four years ago.  It's about time to remove our
> workaround.

Nice!  I had wondered what that workaround was about but never
ended up digging into it.

Searching for COMP_WORDBREAKS in /etc/bash_completion.d/* finds
similar breakage (removal of '=' and '@') in the npm completion
script, but nothing involving colon.  So this looks like a good

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