"Michael S. Tsirkin" <m...@redhat.com> writes:

>> Not needed with recent "git format-patch -v4" option.
> Unless I rerun with same vX :(
> Would it make sense for it to check for vX existance and fail?
> Same without -vX, when 000X exists ...
> Could be an option.

Oh, instead of exact -v$N, trigger it with "-v auto" or something?
Sounds like a good addition.

And instead of ***BLURBHERE*** placeholder, text from old round
could be copied as a new placeholder.  I do not offhand think that
needs much thought about compatibility but maybe there are people
who trained their editors or scripts to find the known placeholder
string and edit it?  I dunno.  It certainly sounds like a sensible
thing to do to carry as much information forward from the older
round if/when we know which one corresponds to which.

Discussions and patches welcome.

>> >    git branch|fgrep '*'
>> >    # Figure out on which branch I am, manually specify the correct 
>> > upstream I'm tracking,
>> >    # otherwise I get a ton of unrelated patches.
>> git-prompt with PS1 you do not need this either.
> grep serves just as well but
> I still need to copy it to the next line manually...
> I vaguely remember there was some way to say
> "head of the remote I am tracking" - but I could not find it.

Do you mean @{upstream}?

> Where are all the tricks like foo^{} documented?


> Additionally, or alternatively, would it make sense for git format-patch
> to format the diff against the tracking branch by default?

Meaning "git format-patch @{u}" without saying anything about @{u}?
I am not sure if we want to go that far, but it certainly is worth a
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